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Hi, I'm Lucy and this carrd is to document all the online projects and events I've been apart of.If you'd like to talk to me about being apart of a project feel free to email me at [email protected]. I am also available for design and illustration services. Learn more about my skills here.New to zines? Check out my resource Zine Baby.
Questions? Curiouscat



2022Morte: Nico Di AngeloPJOMod Design 
2023✦ Desert Bloom (Gaara)NarutoMod Design, Social, Org
2021Morning Sun: AsahiHQ!!Mod Layout 
2022Homebound: BKTDBnHAMod Design 
2021This Side of Paradise: HQ x PkmMod Org 
2022✦ Fabled: Fairytales and FablesGenshinMod Design, Social, Org
2021Kombu: InumakiJJKMod Layout 
2021Synastry: ScaramonaGenshinMod Layout 
2022The NXX Files: Vol. KingToTLayout 
2021Yuuki: LangaSK8Mod Design 
2021Klee's Adventure: Dadada!GenshinMod Design, Cover Designer
2020Taste of Tevyat: CookbookGenshinMod Layout, Org 
2021Hero Network: CookbookBnHAMod Design, Org
2021Pocket Memories: ScrapbookACIllustrator 
2021Secret of the Stars: AlbetherGenshinMod Graphics 
2021Out of the Valley: City AuSDVMod Design 
2021Year of the Cat: KyoruFurubaMod Layout 
2020Taberu: CookbookHQ!!Mod Layout 
2021✦ Myth: Creatures & GachaGenshinMod Design, Social, Org
2020Shoot Your ShotKNBMod Layout 
2019Liberation: PLFBnHAMod Design, Social
2021✦ 七: Team Seven FashionNarutoMod Design, Org
2020Kodzuken Live: Kenma GamingHQ!!Mod Design
2021✦ Sunny Side: EggMod Design, Social, Org, Coms
2019Eri and FriendsBnHAGuest Layout 
2020Highbrow: Haiba FashionHQ!!Mod Design 
2019707 Hearts 606MYSMEMod Graphics | Cover Designer, Merch
2021✦ Wish: GachaGenshinMod Design, Social, Org, Coms
2019Winter Dawn: Todoroki FamilyBnHAMod Design
2020Hanami: KrBk SpringBnHAMod Design
2020✦ Toasty: BreadMod Design, Social, Org, Coms
2020Katsukitchen 2: Back for Seconds: 1A CookbookBnHAMod Design, Org, Coms | Cookbook Cover
2019Phoenix: Post-apocalypticBnHAMod Design
2019Undercover: Vanderwood MYSMEMod Side Cover & Layout
2019Divinate: Tarot CardsMYSMEMod Graphics
2019✦ Pokecrossing: Pkm x ACNHIllustrator
2019Girl Power!: GirlsBnHAMod Design
2019Reflections: Camp Kacchako BnHAMod Design 
2019Katsukitchen: Bakusquad CookbookBnHAMod Design, Org | Illustrator, Cover
2019Yukimi: KrBk WinterBnHAMod Design
2019All You Can Eat: TamakiBnHAMod Design
2019✦ Versed in Quirky PoetryBnHAMod Graphics
2019✦ Blaze: Fire StartersPKMIllustrator
2019PKMN Villains ZinePKMMod Design | Merch, Cover 


2022Shelter: Found FamilyGenshinMod Layout
2022First Steps: KidsHQMod Design
2022Vulcan: Zhongli x DilucGenshinMod Design
2022Yours Truly: KaeyaGenshinMod Graphics
2022BIAZ: Idol AUBNHAMod Graphics
2023🔞 TWST After DarkTWMod Graphics
2023Illumination: Lumine shipGenshinMod Graphics
2023The Adventure ContinuesSpyroMod Graphics
2023✦ 棒冰 (Popsicle): ChongyunGenshinMod Design, Social, Org
2023✦ Fortune: GachaGenshinMod Design, Social, Org

COMPLETED PROJECTS — Projects that have completely finished. Qualifications to being complete are as followed: fully shipped digitally and physically (preorders and leftovers) and contributor payout or charity donation. Organized chronologically by time completed, newest to oldest.ONGOING PROJECTS — Projects that have not completed. This may include but is not limited to zines in: creation phase, preorders, post production, leftovers, awaiting payout. Organized chronologically by day started, oldest to newest.Year — year joined. Free ZineRoles:

DesignGraphics & Layout
Coverthe cover was a collaboration
Cover Designersole person working on the cover
Guesta contributor by invitation


I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the following zines as well as those who supported us. Without everyone's help, the following couldn't have been accomplished.

Katsukitchen: Bakusquad Cookbook782.40 USDThe Hunger Project
All You Can Eat: Tamaki193.85 USDThe Hunger Projct
Girl Power!: Girls515.28 USDCampaign for Female Education
Divinate: Tarot1,085.38 USDInternational Medical Corps
Undercover: Vanderwood 570 SGDMigrant Workers Assistance Fund
Katsukitchen 2: Back for Seconds1,381.83 USDThe Hunger Project
Winter Dawn: Todoroki Family1,105 USDColor of Change
707 Hearts 6061,300 USDNational Alliance on Mental Illness
Pocket Memories: Scrapbook720 USDsplit between Animal Welfare Institute & Action Against Hunger USA
Hero Network: Cookbook732 USDsplit between Rise Against Hunger & No Kid Hungry
Yuuki: Langa200 USDPalestine Children's Relief Fund
The NXX Files: Vol. King1,172 SGDWHO COVID-19 Foundation
Homebound: BKTD72.88 USDThe Trevor Project
Morte: Nico Di Angelo178.71 USDMaui Food Bank


2022Camaraderie: KokoKazuGorouGenshinCanceled due to lack of interest
2022✦ Wayfaring Festival: Food & TravelToTCanceled due to lack of interest
2022Reverb: JirouBnHACanceled due to lack of interest


coldergeista pleasure to work with and sure to elevate your team, but she seems to have a mild sadistic streak
Soralith2Helpful and fun person all around. Good at rolling with the chaos. 11/10
tienwasherewould trust her to save my life. Would also trust her to end my entire career if she wanted.
gracieoAccording to some research, s l i g h t sadistic tendencies but otherwise a pleasure to work with
itmezWith her in charge of graphics and/or layout, the zine's end product will be amazing! She threatens to mike wazowski characters on the cover, though.
blueberrytreescary fast, scary organized, scary... just scary

Message me to get yours added.


Tasks may vary between between projects

Graphics Mod

  • Design and create a visual aesthetic, brand, and/or system to represent the project

  • Provide brand graphics that may include: icons, profile banners, wallpapers/background images

  • Design and create graphics for social media posts and commerce shop: announcement banners, advertisement, product images, contributor graphics, preview graphics/templates

  • Design covers OR collaborate with cover artists for typesetting.

  • Skin or design social media profiles, websites, and e-shops.

  • Answer any questions pertaining to contributor graphics

  • Collaborate with the Social Media Mod on any marketing/social media graphics.

  • A graphics mod does not format/check merch pieces

  • Software: Photoshop, HTML, Clip Studio Paint, G-Suite

Layout Mod

  • Compile pieces to ==create a print or digital PDF ==

  • Organize zine pieces to create a narrative and/or visual balance between different works.

  • Typeset all text: passages, short stories, names, folios, etc

  • Design spreads layouts: title pages, table of contents, credit pages, pages for short stories (fics)

  • Provide templates for artists (unless provided by production mod), writers, and chefs.

  • Prepare zine files for print and digital distribution

  • Answer contributor questions in relation to layout

  • Collaborate with the Production Mod and Shipping Mod on zine specs

  • Work with the Writing & Art mods to ensure all pieces are accounted fo

  • A layout mod does not format/check merch pieces

  • Software: Photoshop, Indesign, Gsuite

General Tasks

  • Varies on from zine to zine

  • Organize and implement a ~6 month multi step project with a virtual team of ~3-6 people

  • Took part in curating a list of independent writers and artists

  • Manage up to 30 independent writers and artist

  • Corresponded with up to ~30 independent creators to insure the project schedule was followed

  • Contribute ideas to better the project.

  • Software: Google Suite: Docs, Slides, Sheets, Mail, Discord

Social Media Mod

  • Running social media accounts—Tumblr, Twitter, Carrd, CuriousCat— and the email

  • Answer questions that are directed towards social media accounts

  • Post on social media to insure activity and provide updates or status reports when needed

  • Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Carrd, CuriousCat, Gmail

Contributor Roles

  • Illustrator

  • Merch

  • Graphic Designer

Cover Designer

  • Typically I require the cover artists to allow me to set the type their covers. If I have set type for a cover, it will not be noted as it's a small contribution to the overall piece.

  • If Cover is listed, the cover was a collaboration, and I created elements to work alongside other contributors

  • If Cover Designer Is listed, I was the sole person working on the cover.

  • Disclaimer: Some projects have a companion zine, and the role may only apply to one of those zines.



  • BFA in Graphic Design from a vigorous 4 year design program

  • Social Media Content Creator for an Entertainment company

Technical Skills

  • Designed, printed, and assembled —by hand— various books during the BFA: Perfect Bound, Saddle Stitch, Hand Stitched, Coil Bound, Accordion, French fold

  • Knowledgeable in various printing formats: large format, screen printing, letterpress, linocut, laser cut

  • Experience with hand lettering and sign painting

  • Experience sourcing materials for BFA projects

  • Experience producing and printing work outside of zines

Practices & Concepts

  • Typography

  • Front-end web development and design

  • Digital and Print design

  • Branding

  • Photo editing and manipulation

  • UI/UX

  • Motion Graphics/Web animations (.gif)

Software & Programs

  • Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Indesign, XD, some After Effects

  • Gsuite: Mail, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Slides

  • Social Media: Discord, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram

  • Sketch/Invision

  • Studio Clip Paint

  • Airtable


  • English

  • HTML & CSS

  • Excel Expressions


  • Discord bots and servers

  • General zine knowledge


dateevent fandomrole 
04.2021Migawari Snap CountdownPKMNIllustrator
08.2020SunniSideGalaxy's Telephone GameOriginalIllustrator
11.2019Migawari SwSH CountdownPKMNIllustrator
06.2019BNHA Flash BangBnHAIllustrator
04.2019Camp Kacchako Mini Bang '19BnHAIllustrator

Desert Bloom

Free to download — Digital Only — Cannon Compliant — Ship FreeDesert Bloom is a Gaara zine with a focus on botanical and floral elements throught his life.
Imagine a zine of the good boy surrounded with luscious (or angsty dead) greens and beautiful flowers. That is this zine.
Anyone who signs up during the application period will be able to participate. Only those
who wish to be considered as a cover artist need a portfolio.


Interest CheckJan 19 - Feb 19
Sign UpsMar 01 - 19
check in 1Apr 19
check in 2May 19
final submissionsJune 19
zine releaseTBD

棒冰 — Popsicle

Free to download — Digital Only — Ship Free棒冰 (Popsicle) is a Chongyun zine with a focus on popsicles/icepops (or any other icy treat that our ice boy may enjoy).Imagine a zine featuring Chongyun with a vibrant Popsicle ice pop like a Firecracker. Or maybe something like Blue Bunny character ice pop. That is this zine.Anyone who signs up during the application period will be able to participate. Only those
who wish to be considered as a cover artist need a portfolio.


Content Restrictions and Requirements
Rating: SFW, PG
Shipping: No shipping.
Characters: Other characters are allowed as long as Chongyun is a focus
Theme: Popsicle/Icepop—an icy treat of some sort must be present
Who can participate?
Anyone who applies during the application period. No previous experience. Only the cover applicants need a portfolio.
What types of mediums are allowed?
Anything that can be put into a PDF, which means no music or animation. (Although contributors are encouraged to turn their pieces into animations if they choose to outside of this project).
Are you accepting writers?
Depends on the amount of interest and the ability to find beta readers
Contributor Expectations:
Discord attendance: manditory.
Check-ins: optional.
Let a mod know you need to drop: required.
Final deadline: non-negotiable.
Portfolio Requirements
Only cover artists need a portfolio.
For our cover we're looking for an artist with a fun and colorful palette.
Experience drawing Chongyun/popsicles not required but preferred.
Additional Questions?
Feel free to reach out through DM or form


Interest CheckJune 07-30
Sign UpsJuly 07-21
check in 1Aug 07
check in 2Sep 07
final submissionsOct 07
zine releaseTBD

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